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Music Ministry In The Church

BBN Bible Believers Network Internet Christian Podcast 317-892-9311. source

Episode 3 : Chapter 2 of Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola

Dusty and Andrew discuss chapter 2 of the book Pagan Christianity. Churches are in love with having a building, but why is that. In Acts they met in homes. source

EP04 Apologies and Apologetics | The Brad Stine Podcast

It's the 4th episode of my new weekly show, The Brad Stine Podcast! Please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE if you want more content like this! Let's grow this thing! source

"A Preacher's Thanksgiving Devotional" with Dan Winkler (Preachers in Training S12E11)

Happy Thanksgiving 2020! On this year's special Thanksgiving episode, Robert is joined by Dan Winkler to discuss singing as an expression of thanksgiving. source

Celibate Gay Christians | An Interview with Gregory Coles (Audio Podcast)

In this episode, we interview Gregory Coles, author of Single, Gay, Christian, which is his memoir about growing up gay in the evangelical church. Gregory talks ... source

WSSC Podcast #11

In this podcast Christian talks to former head of performance at Munster Rugby Adam Trypas. Adam and Christian discuss everything athletic performance and ... source

Melanie Infinger is interviewed for the Sonny Side of Life Christian Podcast

Melanie Infinger's daughter, Caitlynne, was murdered by her husband who was released from jail on multiple bonds. She is advocating for for the passage of ... source

End Times: Prophecy – What Happens Next? | RIOT Podcast Ep. 17 | Christian Podcast

Thanks for joining us this week on the RIOT Podcast, a Christian podcast talking about today's hot topics! This week Pete, Bob and Barry will be discussing the ... source
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