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Fundamental Beliefs, Practices, Related Issues on Christianity

Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems Week 4 Discussed by Mr. Michael Encinas (Printed Module Student) source

Christian Living & Beliefs : What Is Considered Cheating in a Relationship?

In Christianity, cheating in a relationship is any betrayal that comes from the heart, such as looking at another with lust in the heart. Avoid any deceitful thoughts ... source

Christian Living & Beliefs : About Christian Counseling

Christian counseling helps troubled people see the enormity of God in order to put perceived problems into perspective. Visit a Christian counselor that will look ... source

Christian Living & Beliefs : About Internet Dating for Christian Singles

Internet dating is a great way for Christian singles to meet and bond as long as proper safety precautions are taken when meeting in real life. Be yourself when ... source

Ch. 3 – The Mosaic of Christian Belief (2nd Edition) – Revelation: General and Specific

Parish book study over The Mosaic of Christian Belief (2nd Edition) by Roger Olsen. source
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