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Wayne Grudem Christian Beliefs

Trailer for Wayne Grudem's 20-session DVD course, 'Christian Beliefs'. Available now at source

What are the core beliefs of Gnosticism and Christianity?

From our Series, "Refuting the Controversial Theories of Jesus", this clip answers the question: What are the core beliefs of Gnosticism, why it's not Christianity; ... source

Early Christian Beliefs 1of 4 (The Early Church Fathers)

What did the First Christians Believe? Protestant or Catholic teachings? source

Historically, what are the most essential Christian beliefs?

G. K. Beale, Carl Trueman, and Ryan Kelly April 30, 2011 Clarus 2011 -- Scripture: God Speaks The SW Regional Conference of The Gospel Coalition ... source

Why Christians Should Accept that Jesus Had False Beliefs

In this video, I explain how, in virtue of his human psychology, Jesus gained wisdom and knowledge over time and this would include Jesus having held beliefs ... source

Beliefs of Christianity

part 1 of 2. source
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