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Christian Carbs & Creps – Podcast

AJ & Christian share a chat on how your relationship with food can effect your bodybuilding journey, this episode is a chance for listeners to get to know ... source

Side A & B Gay Christians debate sexuality – Brandan Robertson & David Bennett

Brandan Roberston is a progressive pastor of an LGBT affirming church who believes there is no barrier to Christians being in loving same-sex relationships. source

Episode 683: LIVE — Christians & Conspiracy Theories

On today's show, we discuss the rise of conspiracy theories and why so many young Christians have started to believe them. We also learn about religion's link ... source

Lets Talk About Sex & Porn Addiction In The Church (Christian Podcast / Sermon)

The Church used to discuss every topic and aspect of life and walking with Jesus. In this Segment Sex & Porn Addiction in the world & Church are discussed. source

Rich & DawnCheré Wilkerson — Love Lies: How to Handle Heartbreak

Heartbreak. A word that, when unpacked, reveals layers of emotions and behaviors that rob us of freedom and joy. In the third week of their collection of talks ... source

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